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How Can We Help?

Affordable Mental Health Care
We believe that everyone deserves access to affordable counseling.

The current average cost of therapy per session within the Philadelphia ranges between $140 – $200 per appointment. Our therapists typically charge between $50 – $140. If for any reason our therapists cannot accommodate your budget or income, we will provide you with referrals to reduced fee clinics. While we cannot guarantee to accommodate all income levels, we will do our best to make counseling as affordable as possible.

Payment for therapy is made at each session unless other arrangements are made with your therapist.  Our therapists accept cash or check (made payable to Diaspora Educational Services) and some clinicians accept credit and debit cards via Square.  Most sessions are weekly and 50-minutes in length.



  • If we do not bill insurance directly, your therapist can provide you with receipts (sometimes referred to as a statement or invoice) for you to submit to your insurance. To find out if your insurance offers reimbursements for therapy services, please contact them directly. Be sure to ask if your benefits cover mental health services provided out-of-network and by an intern

Diaspora Educational Services (DES)

offers a wide range of therapy  both individual and group services.


DES offers in person as well as virtual speaking engagements , please contact us for more information !


Training and coaching services are available in customizable packages to fit your organizations specific needs . Contact us to learn more !


Diaspora Educational Services (DES) provides  consultation services in addition to our training and coaching services  , contact us today to find the best fit for you !


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